Shodai Sennin J.A. Overton-Guerra


A social, economic, political and cultural wave of violent transformation emanating largely from Latin American countries and resulting from the illegal narcotics trade - what I have coined the Narcorrevolucion - is rapidly spreading across Western Industrialized nations. The United States, with its own growing Hispanic community, each and every day more socially, politically and economically influential; the European Union, with Spain as the main gateway to the rest of Europe; and the countries of West Africa through Guinea-Bissau, officially recognized as under the control of Latin American narco-cartels and therefore a threat to the rest of the continent, all are experiencing the early stages of a process of massive state collapse. We are therefore facing perhaps the greatest global threat to the political stability, economic prosperity and safety and security of the First World - and America in it - since the beginning of the Modern Era. The present document briefly introduces the nature of the Narcorrevolucion, its origins and causes, and references potential solutions.

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