Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist Manual: The Ultimate Resource for Advanced Fitness Professionals

American Council on Exercise


The ACE Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist Manual w/DVD is designed for experienced personal trainers who want to expand their clientele beyond the restrictions of the apparently healthy category. The new manual and certification focus on those diseases and injuries most frequently encountered among clients in health and fitness facilities, from diabetes and low-back pain to lipid disorders and post-orthopedic rehabilitation. This manual is divided into five parts, the first of which provides an Introduction to this ACE certification program. Part Two covers the Major Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders. Metabolic Diseases and Disorders are the focus of Part Three. With eight chapters, Part Four, which covers Musculoskeletal Disorders, is the largest section of the manual. Part Five, the final section of the manual, offers Considerations for Specialized Population Groups, including older adults, youth and pre- and postnatal women. Case studies are included in each chapter in Parts Two through Five, giving the exam candidate an example of how to apply what s been learned in a very practical way. Includes bonus 100-minute DVD.

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