Arch Dimensions and Arch Forms in Vertical Facial Patterns

Nabila Anwar and Mubassar Fida


The size and shape of the arches have a considerable implication in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning, affecting the space available, dental aesthetics and stability of the dentition. There are variant types of faces which orthodontists have to treat with best possible esthetics and stability in their clinics. The arch dimensions are usually modified according to treatment plan which can ultimately also affect the arch forms. Stability of arch form is one of the most desirable goals of orthodontics. Current literature is insufficient in relating arch dimensions and arch form with other craniofacial dimensions. Hence this book evaluates the relationships of the above and compares the arch forms in various vertical face types. This book gives comprehensive information about the subject of arch dimensions and arch forms. The conclusions and the clinical applicability section will guide clinical orthodontists in establishing the orthodontic treatment goals customized to an individual patient with the best possible esthetics and stability.

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