Exploring The Relationship Between Purpose Brand And Brand Equity: An Empirical Research: A Case Study of Facebook

Hassan Shahid, Owais Shafique, Omer Javed Pal


The purpose of the research in this book is to find out the relationship between a brand’s job focus and its related brand equity. Brand equity is a multi-dimensional construct subdivided into 5 dimensions, to achieve our purpose we did secondary research and selected Facebook as our purpose brand. In order to aid our research we have used qualitative as well as quantitative tools. We began with structuring a moderator’s guideline in order to conduct a focus group. We had open ended questions in the moderator’s guideline so that we can come up with some hypotheses and get enriched with the insights from our selected respondents. After the analysis by qualitative and quantitative approaches, it was ascertained that Facebook’s job focus is social engagement. For this reason, purpose brand and brand equity of Facebook is very high.

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