I'm Hot You're Hot

Loretta J. Lombardi


I'm Hot You're Hot caters to the passionate romantic and gourmet in you. Have you ever heard of a romantic whole foods recipe book where aphrodisiacs flirt with the cook, or where libidos out to lunch get rescued? I'm Hot You're Hot is a twelve month whole foods recipe book with romantic and sensual overtones. Author Bio: Loretta Lombardi earned certification in macrobiotics cooking and teaching at the Strengthening Health Institute of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 2006 run by Denny Waxman, a renowned teacher and counselor and Susan Waxman, head chef. Loretta's active role in the macrobiotic community is to assist Denny Waxman in his counseling sessions by scribing the recommendations for his clients. She also hosts on opening nights of the introductive Intensive Programs and the Comprehensive Certificate Program seminars. In addition, she lectures on the benefits of eating whole foods at the Free Library Branches in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She also lectured at a women's forum at St. Joseph's University. At home she teaches macrobiotic philosophy and macrobiotic cooking. Keywords: Macrobiotics, Vegan, Vegetarian, Diet, Food, Epicurean, Dining, Nutrition, Cooking, Recipes, Life Style, Romantic Gift, Gift, Table Top, Romance, Love, Couple

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