The Orbiter

Patrick Cristobal


4000 A.D. Far off in an unknown galaxy, Pierre Zeyfur is ready to prove himself. Having just obtained his SENTINELS license, he's anxious to sign up for important missions that will help him achieve his ultimate dream: to become the highest ranking SENTINELS. The problem is, he is merely a cassleon, the bottom rung in the ranking system, and there are no missions available to help him move up. So when a fateful encounter with Eva Lyn, the best SENTINELS in the world, offers him the opportunity to be mentored, he agrees wholeheartedly, disregarding any doubts or warnings about the danger ahead. Little does he know the adventures that await him as he impulsively agrees to this partnership. Eva Lyn becomes his teacher, showing him his own strength and abilities, but it soon becomes clear that beneath her pretty face and distinguished title, there's a dark secret she's working hard to keep hidden. Join Pierre as he embarks on the battle of a lifetime. Will he uncover the truth about Eva Lyn? Will he learn to wield The Orbiter, a weapon of unique abilities, and save the galaxy from peril? And does he have the strength to risk all in his quest to find his true destiny?

Тип: fb2, pdf

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