Sarbanes-oxlex Compliance: Case Study Of “Beta Bank"

Malick EL Bachir Sall


Corporate financial scandals caused the investment community, the business world as well as the US Congress to question and then reform the financial auditing standards through the adoption of an act named Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). The SOX aim is to restore and maintain confidence in financial reporting and it applies to all companies, including foreign ones, which stocks are listed in US stock markets. The documentation of the internal controls over financial reporting and an annual report on the effectiveness of the controls is among SOX key provisions (Section 404 of SOX Act). Therefore, all companies listed on US stock markets have to comply with Section 404 recommendations. This book gives the general basis on SOX, then an application of SOX compliance project in a listed bank. On a quarterly basis, NYSE listed companies need to report on their financial controls, therefore this book is a good tool for CEOs, CFOs, internal auditors, external auditors, business researchers, business schools, listed banks, investors, law makers, Congress Members and students.

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