The Portable MBA in Management

Аллан Р. Коэн


When the speculative bubble burst in 2000, it exposed a weakness in many firms - too much financial engineering and too little leadership and management. I strongly recommend this book to those managers who want to learn how to run well-managed organizations capable of weathering the inevitable turbulence brought about by intensive competition and rapid changes in markets and technology. In one book, highly regarded experts in the field of management provide you with the essential lessons you will need to succeed as a leader and manager.

Michael Beer, Cahners-Rabb Professor of Business Administration,
Emeritus Harvard Business School and
author of "The Critical Path to Corporate Renewal"

For managers to be effective in today's complex world, they need to be learners as well as leaders. In this remarkable volume, a world-class collection of professors provides a curriculum for continuous management learning that combines leading-edge theory with practical advice. Every manager - from supervisor to CEO - should keep this book close at hand.

Ron Ashkenas, Managing Partner, Robert H.Schaffer & Associates and
coauthor of "The Boundaryless Organization" and "The GE Work-Out"

This latest edition of The Portable MBA in Management continues a tradition of some of our greatest thinkers and teachers making their work highly accessible. The book will be treasured as a valuable reference as well as a great read!

Len Schlesinger, Chief Operating Officer, The Limited, Inc.

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