Marketing by Menu

Nancy Loman Scanlon


Your most powerful marketing and management tool is a well–designed menu. Here is how to create one. A menu can make or break a restaurant. To be effective, it must be tailored to your business, help you make profit, and meet the expectations of your customers. This book tells you everything you need to develop a menu program that will ensure the profitability of your restaurant or other foodservice operation. Now in its third edition, Marketing by Menu takes you well into the twenty–first century, covering emerging new markets and the latest trends in home–food replacement services. Fully revised and updated, this edition shows you how to create daily and seasonal menus, catering menus, "healthy eating" programs, and other specialty menus directed at today’s widely diverse clientele. You will get precise, step–by–step guidelines to menu layout and design, content development, and profit considerations—including marketing surveys, food costing and pricing, and menu item selection. Complete with work pages to practice the concepts involved, as well as a wealth of real–world examples from restaurants, hotels, and other foodservice operations across the United States and abroad, Marketing by Menu is a one–of–a–kind resource for managers and professionals in the foodservice industry.

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