Achieving Financial Liberty

Robert G Allen


Achieving Financial Liberty is not just a title of a book. It's one of the most inspiring stories of this century, how actual people, taken from the unemployment lines in St. Louis , Missouri changed their lives. Robert Allen's colossal number one bestseller Nothing Down established him as one of the most influential investment advisors of all time. In his following best sellers, Creating Wealth, The Challenge and Nothing Down for the 90's, Robert Allen expanded on his highly profitable wealth-building techniques and philosophy. As he proved in his own life, it doesn't matter how much or how little you have to start with, as long as you understand the right principles.

Achieving Financial Liberty tells the story of real people and how each overcame overwhelming obstacles to seek their own financial success and how through Robert Allen's training, they achieved financial liberty. His surprisingly simple and effective strategies can help any investor amass and maintain a fortune starting with little or no money, even in today's volatile financial climate. "The first step to becoming wealthy," Allen says, "is to stop thinking poor." He shows how most of us have been programmed to think that saving is good, debt and risk-taking bad, and that in our efforts to gain security, we disqualify ourselves from ever making a substantial amount of money. By developing a wealthy mindset, you can launch yourself into financial self-reliance.

Robert Allen's practical and innovative investment advice, combined with a realistic set of goals and a firm commitment to getting ahead, can help you achieve a level of success you never thought possible.

The book includes the stories of Mary Bonenberger, mother of two and the wife of a minister, struggling to make ends meet; Philip Moore, a young man born in the ghettos of St. Louis; Nora Jean Boles, a middle-aged single parent, behind in her own mortgage payments and about to be foreclosed. Their stories are real; they are living proof that achieving financial liberty in America is possible for anyone who has the knowledge, the ability to overcome their fear of failure and is willing to learn and implement the strategies of winning.

As one reads the stories in this book, you will find images of yourself in them; their dreams; and their goals. And as George Elliott quoted, "It's never too late to be what you might have been."

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