Drawing the Line: Demonstrations in Art by Alvin Sandler (Volume 1)

Alvin Sandler


This book follows the exciting journey of an artist, as he searches for and finds the myriad ways of art. Whether you are an artist, an art lover, or a student, this book provides a path to greater enjoyment, understanding and identity with works of art, and the process of creating them. Experience by numerous demonstrations, how the artist by drawing from nature extracts art from the subject, and from himself. The Art lover will be able to follow the process in many kinds of drawings, noting the changes in line, tone, tactility, and the realization of movement, structure, and imagination, enriching his enjoyment, and sense of identity with a work of art. The Art student will have at hand essential graphic demonstrations including: Drawing the human form, nude, and clothed, in varied poses from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, to one hour. From Drawing to painting, extending compositions in color from simple drawings. The sketchbook, bringing art into the real world, and extracting art from life. Animals, from A to Z. The Farmers' Market, The County Fair, Rodeo. Music and Musicians, The Portrait, and more. The Artist will have in one book a useful collection of exemplary drawings, covering a wide range of subjects and techniques, and a book to refresh, support, and enhance the creative spirit.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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