The Fun Entrepreneurs Have with Free-Market Systems & Principles

Robert E. Sonntag


"The Fun Entrepreneurs Have.. With Free-Market Systems & Principles" by Robert E. Sonntag, a marketing executive then successful entrepreneur, tells exactly how and why "Free-Market" entrepreneurship works so well, but why "Anti-Market" bureaus eventually fail. His book tells... his model shows. All enterprises have a built-in self-correcting, self-destructive mechanism. Their sole purpose is to improve the situation of their customers in a manner that motivates those customers to fund them. If, in the opinion of these customers, their situation has not improved, the customers will withdraw their support. The result is that enterprises collapse. The book explains the process. The model shows it in 3-d. It's why Capitalism usually works so well. Governmental bureaus, on the other hand, have no built-in, self correcting, self-destructive mechanisms. They need not fix the situation they were, by law, formed to fix. Funded by taxation (force), bureaus can live forever whether they perform well or not. The book explains the process. The model shows it in 3-d. It's why Socialism, without these mechanisms, will always fail in the long run.

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