Voice Power: Using Your Voice to Captivate, Persuade, and Command Attention

Renee Grant-Williams


Ever wonder what makes us buy from a certain salesperson or prefer one TV news announcer over another? In each case, a human voice is subtly captivating our ear and commanding our attention.

Now celebrity voice coach Renee Grant-Williams reveals the trade secrets behind those persuasive voices and shows readers how to apply positive vocal techniques to business and personal situations. Much more than a guide to proper breathing or voice projection, this is a life-altering "owner's manual" to unleashing and directing the powers of communication within one's speaking voice. By exploring the rich connections between singing and speaking, Grant-Williams helps readers:

* Evaluate their "VoicePower" quotients * Literally breathe new life into their voices * Tap the amazing power of consonants--and silence * Deliver sales pitches virtually guaranteed to sell * Turn a voice mail message (incoming or outgoing) into a personal calling card * Become more confident, persuasive presenters and publicspeakers.

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