Xingyi - A Means To An End

Mike Patterson


A book covering the tactical theories, training methods and philosophy of Xingyi as taught to Mike Patterson by the late Hsu Hong Chi of Taiwan. Mike Patterson is widely considered to be one of the foremost experts in the world on the art of Xingyiquan. With over 40 years experience (at time of writing) as a fighter, coach and teacher, he has authored a masterpiece covering all aspects of this discipline. His immense experience is gleaned from the crucible of continuous and true testing of Xingyi's tenets. The crucible of first being a successful full contact fighter himself and then following that experience by becoming a successful full contact coach, training and guiding 37 full contact champions throughout the 80's and 90's until retirement from coaching in 2000. This book covers the Hsing I (xingyi) taught to him by Hsu Hong Chi (Xu Hong Ji) in thorough detail. Theory, mechanics and strategy of the five fists and twelve animals are covered. Perspectives on training, skill development, conditioning, meditation/energetics, partner drilling, strategy and cultivation are all discussed thoroughly. This is a work designed to present Xingyi in a plain English, straightforward manner. Great lengths are taken to explain concept with science while offering simple physical "proofs" to test the veracity of the methods. The author avoids subject matter that has been done to death in other books to instead put forth concrete methodology allowing practitioners to "marry" traditional practice to real world application. To this end, the book also covers R.S.P.C.T. (Realistically Structured Progressive Combat Training). RSPCT is a contemporary methodology of translating Xingyi concepts and tactics into viable combat skills through specific partner training. This method is time tested under the pressure of full contact competition. RSPCT was invented and synthesized by Mike himself as a stand alone program to train effective fighting for both competition and/or street environments. All five Tiers, ten total categories of training methods, drills and exercises are discussed in depth. It is a training methodology that can be applied to any martial discipline for effective real world application. The book is punctuated by personal anecdotes which drive home certain salient points within the scope of the work as only a person who has lived this path can ascertain. The book contains 266 pages, at 8 1/2 x 11, and over 700 high resolution photos and illustrations. A summary of the main table of contents is as follows: (1)Statement of Purpose; (2)History; (3)Memories of Master Hsu; (4)Building The Wall; (5)Meditation & Energetics; (6)Hsin, I, Li, Chi, Jin; (7)Importance of Ritual; (8)Song of Pi; (9)Song of Tsuan; (10)Song of Peng; (11)Song of Pao; (12)Song of Heng; (13)Theory and Principle of the Ma (Horse); (14)Theory and Principle of the Yao (SparrowHawk); (15)Theory and Principle of the Ing Shyung (Eagle/Bear); (16)Theory and Principle of the Dou Gi (Cockerel); (17)Theory and Principle of the Sir (Snake); (18)Theory and Principle of the Tow (Tortise/Alligator); (19)Theory and Principle of the Gi (Rooster); (20)Theory and Principle of the Tai (Phoenix) Hsing; (21)Theory and Principle of the Yen (Swallow); (22)Theory and Principle of the Hou (Monkey); (23)Theory and Principle of the Fhu (Tiger); (24)Theory and Principle of the Lung (Dragon); (25)Practical Practice; (26)Paired Drills; (27)Three Basin Theory; (28)The High Low Poker Game; (29)The Nine Essences; (30)The Seven Stars; (31)The Eight Fundamentals; (32)Energy Release; (33)The Five Forces; (34)The Five Key Words; (35)Essential Knowledge - 24 Stems, 5 Roots; (36)The Three Powers; (37)Yin & Yang Theory; (38)R.S.P.C.T. (Realistically Structured Progressive Combat Training); (39)RSPCT Tier 1 - Reflexive; (40)RSPCT Tier 2 - Structural; (41)RSPCT Tier 3 - Perceptual; (42)RSPCT Tier 4 - Conceptual; (43)RSPCT Tier 5 - Tempering; (44)Closing Commentary

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