Overcomers Outreach

Bob Bartosch


The vision that God put into the hearts of Bob and Pauline Bartosch, OO's founders, has grown into a much-needed bridge that connects traditional 12-step groups and the church. Overcomers Outreach brings recovery tools to the church and points people in recovery programs to Jesus Christ as their Highest Power. In these pages you will: • Understand the history of Overcomers Outreach (OO) • Glimpse the true hearts of OO's founders • Recognize the importance of OO's connection with 12-step recovery • Discover how addictive behaviors impact the lives of families and friends • Read stories of many whose lives were changed • Learn how to start an OO group This is a rich resource that includes chapters from a pastor, a physician, and a counselor writing from their professional perspectives on life-threatening addictions. The final chapter of this book walks through each one of AA's 12-Steps, as they come alive in the Scriptures.

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