Alcohol and Drug Related Problems at Work: The Shift to Prevention

International Labor Office


Alcohol and drug problems at work is a practical manual to setting up and managing substance abuse prevention programmes, complementing the ILO code of practice Management of alcohol and drug-related issues in the workplace. It examines the advantages ofestablishing workplace substance abuse initiatives and shows how enterprises of all sizes can set up and implement their own programmes to deal with this growing problem.

This timely book looks at the physiological effects of alcohol and drugs, and the array of problems relating to intoxication, regular use and dependency as they affect the workplace. It considers the overall paradigm shift towards prevention and demonstrates why the workplace is not only an appropriate place to launch alcohol and drug prevention programmes, but in many ways is a "win-win" proposition for employers and workers alike.

The book presents a useful framework and step-by-step guidance on designing, implementing and sustaining prevention programmes. It also provides examples of alcohol and drug policies from companies around the world, useful checklists, self-assessment tools, and an extensive list of Internet, print and audiovisual resources.

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