Services Marketing Strategies

Mohammednour Eltahir


The service is one of the types of products of an intangible facility has its own special characteristics which differ from the characteristics of the goods. We find that different classifications, but the classification process need to be a broad understanding of the various aspects of marketing and knowledge of the needs and desires of consumers of the services provided by the organization. We also find that there are two types of services first essence, a service that is being provided by the organization, such as major service and second supplementary services which help services for substance to facilitate the service process for customers and help them to use and use to satisfy their needs and desires. The process of marketing services is more complex than the marketing of goods and because of the difference in their respective properties. Therefore, we find that enterprises adopt different marketing strategies to have the same names as product marketing strategies, but they differ in how to identify and follow different methods to highlight the importance of services provided to customers and highlight the characteristics and qualities and benefits generated by them.

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