P. K. Moore, J. M. Ritter, M. M. Dale, H. P. Rang


Pharmacology is now firmly established as a worldwide best-selling and highly acclaimed textbook for medical and science students. Its successful approach emphasises the mechanisms by which drugs act and relates these to the overall pharmacological effects and clinical uses. It sets out for the reader a clear route from a molecular understanding of receptors and drug actions, to the therapeutic uses of the most important groups of drugs.
For the Fifth Edition the text has been completely updated, incorporating significant new information published in the last few years, while obsolete material has been removed. New agents are fully discussed as well as extensions of basic knowledge which presage further drug development.
Significant changes to this new edition include:
  • Full colour throughout, with all illustrations redrawn to enhance presentation and understanding, and including many new diagrams.
  • A larger page size with a more open and attractive layout.
  • Chapter overviews introduced at the start of all chapters.
  • New 'small print' sections included in many chapters cover, in more detail, material that will be of interest to readers wishing to go into greater depth.
  • Updated and fully annotated further reading lists with emphasis on recent reviews and papers covering significant new advances.
  • A new first chapter on What is Pharmacology?
  • New introductory chapters highlighting and detailing the common cellular mechanisms that underlie the actions of the drugs described in the later chapters.
  • A revision and re-organisation of the section on Drugs used in the treatment of infections and cancer.
  • A new chapter on Drug discovery looks at the rapidly changing processes involved, driven by advances in molecular biology.

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