Demystifying Success

Larry M. Jacobson


DEMYSTIFYING SUCCESS: Success Tools and Secrets They Don't Teach You in High School is a groundbreaking strategic guide for young adults ages 16 - 25 (and beyond). In this comprehensive and timely "How-to Guide," international best-selling author, speaker, motivator, and educator, Larry M. Jacobson inspires and empowers people of all ages to pursue their true goals in life. By candidly sharing his personal life-lessons and principles-painstakingly gleaned from his own accomplishments and failures in his career, relationships, and in business-he serves as an accessible and knowledgeable guide for his readers. Jacobson goes out of his way to expand his readers' perspectives by providing anecdotes, crystal clear examples, and his creative "calls to action," all of which help to ensure that his readers (young adults and adults of all ages) gain their best advantage to achieve the success they desire, on their terms. Some highlights among the many lessons and ideas covered in DEMYSTIFYING SUCCESS: Success Tools and Secrets They Don't Teach in High School include: --Success always begins with awareness-why an iced tea can impact your overall success. --At your social to tell if you're surrounding yourself with emotional parasites or healthy relationships. --How to strategically prioritize, plan, and most importantly, execute your goals for success so you always attract the life you ultimately desire. --The "Art of the Pause"-decision-making secrets and tips to enhance your outcomes for success. --Stop sabotaging your life and finally take control of your financial future-learn why people who suffer from financial obesity always end up starving themselves.

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