The 2004 Pfeiffer Annual

Elaine Biech


The Leader in Human Resource Development for More than 30 Years

The 2004 Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting is a ready–made toolkit of ideas, methods, techniques, and models that assist and support your work as an organizational consultant. The materials provide a highly accessible means of interacting with a variety of systems and processes as diverse as collaborative work systems and executive coaching to strategic planning and organization development.

The book is divided into four sections: Experiential Learning Activities (ELAs), Editor’s Choice, Inventories, Questionnaires, and Surveys, and Articles and Discussion Resources.

ELAs are the mainstay of the Annual and cover a broad range of consulting topics. The activities are presented as complete and ready–to–use designs for working with groups; facilitator instructions and all necessary handouts and participant materials are included.

The instrument section introduces proven survey and assessment tools for gathering and sharing data on some aspect of performance.

The articles section presents the best current thinking about workplace performance and organizational development. Use these for your own professional enrichment or as resources for working with others.

The materials can be freely reproduced for use in the normal course of a consultancy assignment.

Year after year, the Consulting edition of the Pfeiffer Annual has provided thousands of trainers, consultants, facilitators, and managers with up–to–date information and tools to help make organizations more effective. So find out how other practitioners are improving organizations day by day: delve into the indispensable 2004 Pfeiffer Annual. You will understand why they are the best and most reliable source for practical, professional, performance–boosting tools.

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