Book on Practical Hypnotism



This antique book contains a practical guide on hypnotism, and also includes an additional 25-lesson course on hypnotic practice. Containing comprehensive instructions, case-studies, and fascinating information on the subject, this text is ideal for anyone with an interest in teaching themselves hypnotism and makes for a great addition to collection of such literature. The chapter of this book include: 'Theories Regarding Hypnotism', 'The Braid Method of Hypnotism', 'Dr. Liebault's Method of Hypnotism', 'Fascination Method of Hypnotism', 'The Suggestive Method of Hypnotism', 'Hypnotism in Diseases', 'Uses of Hypnotism', 'Illusions and Hallucinations', 'Auto Suggestion', and much more. This text has been elected for modern republication due to its instructional value, and we are proud to republish it now complete with a new introduction on hypnosis.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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