Father God: Co-creator to Mother God

Sylvia Browne


From FATHER GOD Coming from what I like to call ''the Divine Sparkler,'' we're each sparks of the creative force of Father and Mother God. You see, if we have two sides to our brain, male and female, it's the same with the mirror of creation. Our solid, static Father is the co-creator and is all intellect; while our Mother is the emotional, active, and we could say ''interfering'' God Who makes miracles in our charts (the ''blueprint'' that each of us chooses and designs for every life we live). We needed to have the intellect to pick our charts, but most feeling was left out - after all, if all the emotion in life seeped in, we might not be so inclined to go back to Earth for another round. God the Father helps us mold our charts to learn not only intellectually what we must go through for our own soul's perfection, but also to feed data back to Him. While knowledge is one facet of life on Earth, emotion is the other, and even if God knows everything, we still live for Him. The communion we share with our Father is part of the greatest love affair that will ever be. - Sylvia Browne

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